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As members of the Chartered Management Institute and years of experience at corporate level management, we are able to offer a service to support clients in a wide range of management consultancy areas:
  • Producing business plans for funding/grant applications.
  • Assistance with strategic planning for businesses - helping clients to develop an understanding of their market sector and exploring the development of a strategy to grow their business.
  • Business structuring (see below for more detail)
  • Procurement advice and bid production.
  • Development of cost saving procurement strategy, including supply chain management.
  • Project management on behalf of the client (construction & organisational projects).
  • Contract and tender training, for example OJeu tendering, JCT, NEC forms of contract.
  • Developing collaborative working methods with clients and their teams.
  • Presentation, negotiation and time management skills.
  • Developing leadership and management skills.

Business Structuring

With the current dynamic changes in the general business environment, all businesses are facing the need to change and adapt to new operating environments within their industry sector and the wider economic environment. The New Way team have experience in helping small to medium businesses to do this through constantly evaluating their environment and considering how to position themselves in their sector and the wider business environment. We can offer help in the following areas:
  • Analysing and assessing the current structure.
  • Recommending changes to create efficiency and adapt to client needs and operating conditions.
  • Introducing support system changes.
  • Managing change.
  • Commercial management.
  • Process mapping and non-value adding process identification & elimination.
  • Culture training in adopting new practises through alliances.
  • Cost saving reviews to drive economic competitiveness.
  • Developing a green/carbon reduction focus for the business.




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