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New Way have provide procurement support for Cambridge County Council for their Highways Maintenance Contract (£400 million over 10 years) for contractors on highways schemes. This utilised competitive dialogue to provide a process of working with the contractors to procure savings in the work they were tendering for.

Key Features:

  • A savings focused agenda using a single contractor, aiming for 25% cost savings in the first two years

  • Focus on innovation on the part of the contractor to provide services in an efficient and forward thinking way, to provide both lower cost and quality

  • A collaborative working relationship between Contractor and Council, ensuring tailored solutions to the client needs

Key Services Provided:

  • Involved in competitive dialogue meetings with contractors, provide expert advise where required

  • Created the tender packs and cost models for rigid commercial evaluation of tenderers

  • Provided contract advise to ensure legal obligations are fulfilled

  • Evaluation and feedback of tenderers applying to be part of the Contract



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