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With over 20 years experience in procurement and supply chain management at both corporate, national, and international levels, New Way provide a range of procurement services:

  • Procurement strategy advice.
  • Cost reduction procurement to achieve key savings.
  • Private sector - tendered, negotiated services.
  • Public Sector - EU Ojeu advice and tendered services.
  • Individual projects - consultant team, contractor & supplier tendering and appointment.
  • Framework projects (i.e. multiple projects or agreements) - consultant team, contractor & supplier tendering and appointment.
  • Tender bid reviews and bid writing.
  • Specialised procurement services on materials/products for clients or contractors.
  • Procurement of green/carbon reducing products and systems for energy efficiency.
Collaborative and Partnered Working 

The New Way team have extensive experience in Collaborative Working techniques and Partnered Working, much of this within the last eleven years within the public sector environment and also in the Commercial retail environment. This allows New Way to offer the following range of services within this specialism.
  • Strategy reviews and business reviews to assess the feasibility of moving into this methodology.
  • Collaborative procurement procedures.
  • Assistance with developing collaborative working methods with clients and their teams.
  • Developing collaborative relationships and team working.
  • Partnering facilitation for developing collaborative working out of client teams, internally or externally.
  • Continuous improvement techniques to release value.
  • Open book audits.
  • Developing cost reduction opportunities by driving out waste and duplication.




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